COVID-19 Business Update – 19 August 2020

Hello again – welcome to the latest edition of our Weekly Digest. Read on for this week’s update. COVID-19 Outbreak After 102 days without community transmission, we’ve all been a little shaken by the return of the coronavirus. According to health officials, COVID-19 may have been circulating in Auckland for weeks, as 13 new community cases were confirmed. All these are linked to the initial four cases announced last week.…  Read more

COVID-19 Business Update 24 June 2020

Welcome back to our Weekly Digest. Read on for this week’s update. Level 1 As you know, New Zealand moved to Alert Level on 10th June, which means restrictions to work, school, sports, and domestic travel are lifted. Our border remains closed to most travelers and strict controls are in place. All arrivals are tested for COVID-19 and a 14-day managed quarantine or isolation is mandatory. (been some lapses! –…  Read more

COVID-19: Wage Subsidy and Leave Payments Explained

We have found that there is some confusion for business owners around the the tax treatment of the wage subsidy. Tax treatment of the wage subsidy (the technical stuff): It is not subject to GST. An order in Council is currently being drafted to treat it as exempt (Section 5(6E)(B) (iii GST Act) The wage subsidy paid to the employer is not taxable. It is excluded income under Section CX…  Read more

Surviving COVID-19: Business Owner Checklist

We have received an excellent checklist by our friend Matt James from North Canterbury Business Services. This checklist provides business owners with key points and is helpful and concise. Please note: these topics have many parts that are constantly changing. For example, the wage subsidy and reducing pay to 80%: This needs to be negotiated and not unilaterally imposed by employers.  We will be updating this checklist as changes occur.…  Read more

COVID-19 and Redundancies: Advice from an HR Lawyer

For this newsletter, we have a special contribution from specialist HR lawyer Kirsten Maclean with five key bullet points that employers need to be aware of when considering redundancies and restructuring in the current environment. Kirsten advises that these are five key things you need to know when considering a restructure, including redundancies and how to deal with the wage subsidy, in light of the government’s COVID-19 wage subsidy scheme:…  Read more

COVID-19: Wage Subsidy Scheme

For full details of the scheme – click here. The scheme is open to Sole traders and self employed as well as employers. You will have to declare: 30% or more decline in revenue compared with last year for any month between January 2020 and the end of June 2020. Applications can also be made on the basis of forecast revenue loss within the period of the scheme. Maximum claim…  Read more

COVID-19: Economic Response Package

The Government has released an economic response package to help cushion the impact of COVID-19 and support the economy during the COVID-19 crisis. The package includes: wage subsidy scheme leave and self-isolation support business cash flow and tax measures wider $12.1 billion package For full details on the package please read THIS ARTICLE. Our initial thoughts The tax measures in the overall fiscal package, although limited, are not cheap. The…  Read more

You can’t scale time. Oh really?

A while back I read a statement from some wise business guru saying “you can’t scale time. Everyone has only 24 hours a day to do what they do.” My view is that of course, you can scale time. You can have a 30 hour day, a 100 hour day or a 300 hour day. Time is infinite and yes, it can be scaled. It’s called employment and delegation. If…  Read more

What to do When Sales Slump

Firstly, understand that most sales slumps are normal (statistically speaking). Sales slumps can often lead to new opportunities. Your best assets in a slump will be your positive attitude and having a fresh approach. Long term, you will achieve the best outcomes by being a sales-focused organisation. Sales will define your success or failure. You can only develop so much new product, produce so many units, set up so many…  Read more

The Number 1 Thing You Need to Know About Your Business

When you own a small business, it’s vital you understand how money flows into and out of it. At a basic level, you need to know where your income comes from and what your expenses are. At a deeper level, knowing how money moves through your business. This will help you make strategic decisions about growth, invoicing, and debt management. The consequences of not understanding money can be drastic –…  Read more

Get off Your Bum! How to Avoid “Sitting-itis”

The New Taboo – ‘Sitting-itis’ We continue to sit too much, despite many health warnings on the negative effects of sitting. What are the issues associated with sitting too much? Sitting can increase the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart diseases. It can also lead to poor mental health and even certain cancers. 78 percent of office workers feel they sit too much. Only 41 percent of office workers actually stand…  Read more

The employer’s guide to a budget Christmas

Christmas is closing in and it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to make your staff feel valued. Whether you’re a small or big business, spend a thought or two on how to reward your employees with a token of appreciation after a long year. It doesn’t have to be a big or elaborate gift, just something as simple as a USB stick, organising a Christmas…  Read more

Is now the right time to get a business loan?

Qualifying for a loan can be difficult. Especially in the early years of running a business. These years are crucial and are the years most startups need capital. Here are six considerations to help you get the financing before you need it: 1. Build a solid credit rating. Borrow. Have credit accounts. But pay them back and do not max them out. Their purpose is to build a solid credit…  Read more

Now We Have Cheap Money

But Should We Use It? We’ve now got cheap money so let’s borrow more so we can spend more and save our country. Well that’s the message from the Reserve Bank. It’s a message I support but with one big fat caveat: It’s a message for business owners not households. If you’re a business owner only borrow to buy assets, technology or IP that will drive your revenue upwards, increase…  Read more

The Secret on How to Get the Very Best Price for Your Business

Plan then invest in strategies and professional advice to maximise your business’ goodwill. Why? There are 2 compelling reasons: What you spend on increasing the Goodwill value of your business is 100% tax deductible. What you get paid for your Goodwill when you sell your business is 100% tax free. Is this not the best Win-Win in business? Tax-deductible expenses and tax-free capital gain! How do you increase the value…  Read more

Is it better to buy or lease a company vehicle?

If you need a car to operate your business, you may wonder whether it makes more sense to buy or lease a company vehicle. On the one hand, if your business owns the car you’ll have a long-term asset and may qualify for more tax deductions. On the other hand, buying a car is a huge expense and monthly lease payments tend to be lower than car loan payments; they…  Read more

Hiring 101 – 5 Steps to Get Hiring Right First Time

-Article thanks to Academy Publishing Limited Know what you’re looking for when hiring When hiring you need to be very specific on the profile you are looking for. The more specific you are the more successful your recruiting drives will be. You can always train people in the technical skills required. But if they are not the right fit for your culture, it simply will not work – no matter…  Read more

Inheritances: 15 things that might cause a fight over a will

Article published with special thanks to Janine Starks (except for ‘Special Note’ section). OPINION: As the old gag goes “money isn’t everything, but it sure keeps the kids in touch”. Inheritances seem so simple. You make a will, you die and any wealth you didn’t spend gets split between your family, friends and charities as you see fit. Yet the word “inheritance” is loaded with emotion, because you decide who wins and…  Read more

Don’t let heart surgery be your business exit strategy.

Succession Planning & Business Exit Workshop II. Our first workshop was a great success – but we had more interest than seats – so we’re doing it again! Many businesses represent the owners lifetimes work – and the price they sell for dictates the quality of retirement that can be achieved. Every business should be sale ready. You never know when you may need to exit in a hurry –…  Read more

Two important reasons to have an up-to-date will

  No one likes talking about their death. This fact makes updating or even writing a will an unpleasant experience. Often, people put off thinking about their will for another day, assuming they have a lot of time to deal with it. Having an updated will, though, is vital for ensuring others follow your wishes after you die. It makes the process of sorting through your life much easier and…  Read more