Compliance accounting is often overlooked leaving assets exposed

The big misconception with family trusts is that annual accounts are not required and can be safely overlooked with a saving on accounting fees.

Only half of that statement is true. You can save on accounting fees by doing nothing. Just like you can save on insurance premiums by having no insurance.

An unmanaged family trust with poor or no accounting leaves assets exposed which is just the opposite of why you formed the trust in the first place.

Our Chartered Accountants know and understand the minimum requirements for annual accounts for trusts. If you want your trust assets protected, then come and talk to us.

Here’s our offer

We’re offering you a complimentary overview of your trust accounting to see if it is being done to the correct standard.

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If your accountant hasn’t taken the time to understand your trust or you have not bothered to get accounts and tax returns done, then let’s talk.