Do you feel like you’re just another IRD return in the eyes of your accountant?

Face to face it might be all smiles and pleasantries, but do you feel you are just another IRD number and that there are more important clients your accountant puts time into?

Accountants are mostly nice, pleasant and polite people, but your business demands can quickly outgrow the service provided by your accountant.

Business moves at the speed of business. Does your accountant match your speed requirements?

Is your accountant prepared to guarantee you a delivery date for your annual accounts and tax returns?

Does your accountant move at the speed of your business, or at their own speed?

Does your accountant just put you in a queue and asks you to wait patiently while other clients are attended to?

Learn what accountants who work at the speed of your business can offer.


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1108 Finger

You may feel like this from time to time but most accountants are working hard and doing their best. But are they really working hard on your accounts – or someone else’s?

Accountants are generally nice people and work hard for their clients.

But what if you’re stuck with an accountant who is not a good fit for your business, doesn’t return calls and gives you the feeling you’re a bit of a nuisance?

Changing accountants can be easy and seamless.

E3 Business Accountants haver a seamless 3 step process that will make you wonder why you didn’t make the change years ago.

The accountants at E3 are service driven and work at the speed of business, not what’s convenient for them.


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1108 Invoices

If there’s one thing business owners dislike most, it’s an unexpected invoice from someone who they need to trust.

Accountants don’t send invoices for work not done but are they prepared to scope your work and quote up front?

The accountants at E3 Business Accountants take pride in their work scopes to make sure their clients do not get unexpected invoices.

Is your business accountant upfront and prepared to scope and quote before they start your work? If not, why not?






Accountants are often great people but when you talk to them about your business, accounts and tax, they seem to use
a different language.

How often have you sat and listened to your accountant explain your accounts and then left saying to yourself “I heard every word but didn’t really understand much.”

E3 Business Accountants talk your language and use plain Kiwi English. They keep the jargon to a minimum, so you learn more about your business.

Good accountants can offer insights into your business because they see it from the outside looking in. But if they use jargon, their insights have little practical value.

Come and hear jargon free explanations of how your business is performing. Grab a complimentary chat so you can hear first-hand what Kiwi English accounting could mean for your business.






How often have you sat with your accountant and thought “He just doesn’t get what my business is all about”?

Finding an accountant who has vision and imagination is very hard. Most are trained to work with the numbers you provide and have little experience about being visionary and creative like you are.

If you want to take your business to the next level, get with an accountant who won’t hold you back. Sure, you need a cautionary voice every now and again, but if talking with your accountant about your dreams and aspirations is like running through porridge, make a change.

Come and share your business dreams and aspirations with the accountants who see what you see.

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