Hiring 101 – 5 Steps to Get Hiring Right First Time


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Know what you’re looking for when hiring

When hiring you need to be very specific on the profile you are looking for. The more specific you are the more successful your recruiting drives will be.

You can always train people in the technical skills required. But if they are not the right fit for your culture, it simply will not work – no matter how technically capable they are.

Take your time

Don’t employ someone because they ‘almost’ fit the bill. Sometimes the perfect candidate doesn’t appear immediately. Remember though, the cost of employing someone who is not a perfect match is far more than a few months of patience.

How do you know if a candidate will be a good fit?

New Zealand is a small place and asking referees good questions is crucial to matching a candidates’ profile to your organisation.

Trust your intuition – and also assess whether the candidate would be a good fit with your customer base.

Once hired – how do you keep them?

Contrary to what many might say – paying the big $$ doesn’t ensure staff will stay. Retaining good staff is about customizing their remuneration package. For example – if you have a number of working mothers in your team, then for them flexibility of hours is paramount. Staff engagement is also very important.

When you do lose a valued team member, how do ensure this doesn’t de-motivate the rest of the team?

Never ever talk negatively about a departing staff member, regardless of whether you can’t wait to see the back of them. Every time you lose a staff member, use it as an opportunity to re-evaluate your team’s strengths and weaknesses and to reassess its capabilities.

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