International Tax

International Tax Obligations

More of our transactions are done over the internet with less concern about where the items/services/work is coming from and more about providing what your customers need at a competitive rate. However, the Inland Revenue is concerned that the tax man is getting what they are owed, and international tax is no exception. It pays to know where you stand with your particular setup.

This blog is less of an article and more of a springboard to information relating to international tax. If you have any queries or comments about any of these areas it pays to check them out. You can email me directly for advice; I’d love to help.

  1. International Tax for Business – Obligations
    • Country-by-country reporting
    • Cross border rulings
    • Unilateral APA (advance pricing agreement)


  2. Exchange of information
    • Foreign trusts
    • Reporting requirements
    • How FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) could apply to you


  3. Coming to or leaving New Zealand
    • Permanent moves (in or out), visiting and working holidays
    • How double tax agreements may affect you
    • Non-resident businesses and GST


  4. Top 10 facts on international tax
    • A good list to look over…


  5. New Zealand tax residents with overseas interests
    • Conducting business overseas
    • Overseas investments


  6. Overseas tax residents with New Zealand interests
    • What income is taxed in New Zealand?
    • Investments in New Zealand
    • Portfolio Investment Entities (PIEs) for non-resident investors


  7. Tax residency and status
    • You company’s tax residency status
    • Double tax agreements
    • Tax residency and trusts

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We hope this has been helpful. Again, if you want to talk to me about anything to do with overseas tax obligations, including e-commerce transactions, please contact me using the details below.

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