Get off Your Bum! How to Avoid “Sitting-itis”

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The New Taboo – ‘Sitting-itis’

We continue to sit too much, despite many health warnings on the negative effects of sitting.

What are the issues associated with sitting too much? Sitting can increase the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart diseases. It can also lead to poor mental health and even certain cancers.

78 percent of office workers feel they sit too much. Only 41 percent of office workers actually stand for more than 30 minutes per day at work.

The term ‘sittingitis’ is the new taboo; most people know they sit too much, but the majority do nothing about it.

This may be down to work-placed habits and routine leading to sedentary repetition. It could also be the lack of understanding on solutions to break the taboo.

There are three steps that will help turn inactive days into active days.

These include:

1. Taking phone calls and meetings standing up.

It gets your blood flowing faster and increases your confidence. Studies show you’ll also get through the call quicker than taking it sitting down.

2. Have a walk and eat lunch in the open air.

Fresh air picks you up and you will increase your step count. That little walk back to the office will also reduce your blood sugar. Reduced blood sugar will help reduce the afternoon dip in energy.

3. Adopt a standing desk.


Studies prove using a standing desk has many health benefits. Physical benefits include reducing both blood sugar and the risk of cardiovascular disease. Standing desks also improve mental well-being. Using a standing desk for 30 minutes per day can reduce your body weight by a staggering 2.36 kg per year.

When you consider the average office worker gains 5.44 kg on average per year, it’s a good way to burn calories. Standing burns 50 calories per hour more than sitting does. So if you stand for four hours you’d burn off 200 calories more than if you sit. Think about it: swapping sitting for standing for four hours per day will burn an extra 1,000 calories per week!

For more information on this, or many other ideas to help you or your employees, contact me, Jamie Tulloch, and I’d love to help!