Jamie Tulloch

Managing Director

About Jamie

It may seem a little odd that I am not an accountant and have no formal accounting qualifications. What then you ask am I doing as the Managing Director of a dynamic accounting firm?

Well, I’ve generated income from my own personal endeavours since I was a teenager. Some say that is quite a long time!
This practical, real world experience enables me to talk Peer to Peer with our clients. I understand exactly where they are coming from, their day to day business issues, their dreams – and their fears.

Every self-employed person takes risks no matter how certain they are of their future success. Running a business is a unique experience and calls upon every mental and physical asset one can muster.
Bluntly put, most businesses fail. They often fall short of fully satisfying their owners ambition or simply close down and disappear.

It is my role to help maximise my client’s sustainable profits – and advise all the ways in which this can be achieved. Without profit, businesses fail. When a business fails it often takes others with it leaving unpaid employees, unpaid debts and usually unpaid taxes. It is a social responsibility that business owners make profits.

When my clients are sustainably profitable, I consider that as a reflection of my company’s contribution.