You can’t scale time. Oh really?

TimeA while back I read a statement from some wise business guru saying “you can’t scale time. Everyone has only 24 hours a day to do what they do.”

My view is that of course, you can scale time. You can have a 30 hour day, a 100 hour day or a 300 hour day. Time is infinite and yes, it can be scaled.

It’s called employment and delegation. If you want to add another 8 hours to your 8 hours of daily business activity, you delegate (i.e. employ) another person to do what you can’t do in your 8 hours.

I have found this is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) stumbling blocks that business owners use as an excuse that continually stifles their growth.

Here’s a typical conversation I have had many times with business owners.

Me: “Your business is at a stage where you need to think about employing someone to free up your time to grow the business.”

Business owner: “I want to get everything up to date and then I’ll be better placed to take on an employee.”

Me: “You will never have everything up to date because you have never had everything up to date before, so what will change now?”

Business owner: “You don’t understand my business. It’s different from all the others out there and I’m the only one who knows how it all works.”

Me: “So are you telling me that you will forever be a one-man business because you are the business? If you are, then you don’t have a business because it’s hardly enjoyable, struggling for profit and certainly not sustainable as its 100% reliant on you turning up every day.”

Business owner: “Bugger off please Jamie, you’re disturbing me. But you’re probably right. Can you help me plan for my first employee?”

Me: “Yes I can but first we need to agree on my fees.”

Business owner: “If it saves my business and maybe my sanity, then that’s all good with me.”

If you’d like some sanity to return and create more hours in the day so your business can actually start to grow, email me and let’s talk.