It’s time for all New Zealand businesses to consider their impact on the environment.

We have set ourselves the goal of being carbon neutral by 2020. We’d like to encourage other businesses to take up the challenge and we can offer tools and resources to help you along the way.

Sustainable business in New Zealand improves economic prosperity, develops people in workplaces, enhances our environment, and strengthens communities without compromising future generations. It aspires to optimise financial, social and natural capital.

Two challenges face us:

  • Walking the talk. Executing strategies to drive ourselves to Zero Carbon by 2020 and creating a Sustainable business
  • Encouraging our clients to join us on this journey

Here’s what we are doing:

Step One – Carbon Audit

We engaged a carbon audit company (Carbon South Limited) to measure our carbon footprint so we have a benchmark to work from. As at 1st October 2017, our carbon footprint is xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
We have just over 24 months to get this down to zero. We are determined to reach our goal.

Step Two – Sustainability

Firstly, understanding what a Sustainable Business actually is outside of being financially sustainable.
Secondly, learning how to measure our own Sustainability when metrics are not always there to be measured.
To learn, we joined the Sustainability Business Network so we could put into practice Sustainability policies.

Step Three – Encouraging others to join us

As we went through the carbon audit and measuring our own sustainability, it became obvious that our contribution, although significant for us, would be negligible in the big picture.
So as part of our mission, we want to encourage clients and suppliers to join us on the Zero Carbon and Sustainability journey.

Together, we can have an impact.

If your accountant doesn’t get helping to create a cleaner country and implementing sustainable business practices, call me for a chat.

All it takes is a phone call or an email to me.
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